About Celiac Society of India

Celiac Society of India, the first of its kind  non-profit organisation, https://bstcitas.es/ has made it its mission to create awareness on early diagnosis and management of celiac disease.

Founded by Ishi Khosla, a senior clinical nutritionist in May-2006 the society was incorporated under the patronship of Late Prof. M.K. Bhan, Secretary Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology & formerly, professor at AIIMS in the Department of Pediatrics.

The society brings together eminent experts in the field of medicine, education, nutrition and the food industry.  With  the increasing prevalence of Celiac Disease and wheat related disorders amongst Indians in recent years, the Celiac Society of India has launched Beat Celiac Program.


To highlight wheat related disorders as a mainstream health issue underlying several health disorders suffered by Indians at large.


No one who has wheat sensitivity remains undiagnosed or untreated .

Beat Celiac Programe

  • Awareness
    Drive awareness about celiac disease and related conditions amongst public, healthcare professionals and the food industry at large. Organise sensitisation initiatives for food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants. Work in synergy with them and equip them with information on gluten sensitivity and consumer-facing terminologies. Focus on building a working technical template for gluten-free food manufacturers, food handlers, hotels, restaurants, institutional food facilities and airlin https://bstdating.com/ es. Organise meetings, case study presentations, lectures, workshops, podcasts, seminars, webinars, webisodes, national & international conferences and special events including food festivals and recipe competitions to raise public awareness. Mark December 4th as India Celiac Day and December 4th-10th as the India Celiac Week.
  • Advocacy 
    Be the representative for the cause in the policy making process around food and nutrition in collaboration with the government bodies such as FSSAI and organisations such as WHO, UNICEF and other food regulatory bodies. Drive sensitisation for food regulators and industry experts for better labelling and disclosure of all sources of gluten on packaging.
  • Research and development
    Encourage deeper India-focused research on the prevalence, diagnosis, treatment and management of Celiac disease. Focus on research to promote early-stage child intervention through infant feeding practices & prenatal dietary interventions. Partner with leading food manufacturing organisations to identify gluten-free grains that can be successfully cultivated in India. Form deeper associations with institutions and organisations nationally and globally to exchange learnings and industry outlook.
  • Detection and disease management
    Facilitate early detection of the disease through easier  and cheaper tests  in the community. Provide  support to families suffering from celiac disease through support groups. Provide for  financial assistance to support underprivileged persons  suffering from celiac disease.

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