Covid And the Gut Panel 1

Covid And the Gut Panel 2

Check their nutritional status: vitamins D, B-12, Iron, Haemoglobin. Ensure they avoid junk food, sugar & processed foods. Intake of fresh vegetables & fruits daily. Chyawanprash daily. Regular physical activity.

Manage weight & waist. Regular physical activity. One carrot, one cucumber, one tomato. One seasonal fruit, one green vegetable, a handful of nuts/seeds. At least one lemon or amla/one root vegetable. Cut sugar salt & processed foods/eat less/eat early/chew well/watch your digestion use pro & Prebiotics if needed.

Yes. If you have a leaky gut you have a weakened immune system.

No. If the gut lining has healed it will not cause inflammation unless there is a break because of fresh triggers.

At present the tests for Celiac disease are sensitive. However wheat sensitivity is hard to document at present through tests due to inadequate tests. In general if there is autoimmunity gluten intolerance is surely there.

Covid is due to a virus. The fight is between the host’s Immune system ( including microbiome) & virus. That’s an interesting way of putting it!

The gut is also the neurological centre. Once a celiac is treated fully mental health improves. If diet is well planned then it should not manifest in mental health issues but there is a possibility.

A gut healing diet should be more plant based. Some portions of animal protein can be included with discretion.

The management of both is strict gluten free diet for life.

Yes. It can be an indication of information or non specific nutritional deficiencies.

Plenty of vegetables, low sugar, good oils, easy to digest. Low on animal protein with pre & probiotics.

Good except watch sugar.

A good probiotic & enzyme supplement can help but find out the root cause.

In moderation say one to cups of coffee is okay. Best taken with minimum or no sugar. Milk depends on individual needs.

Best answered by treating physician. It will depend on several factors & severity. As a rule avoid intense exercise for at least three months.

You can take any probiotic food that is scientifically tested for its health benefits. However, please make sure that you consume the product regularly for its health benefits because most probiotics are transient colonizers and are passed out with the feces.

Curd is excellent for its nutritional content but since the bacteria in curd does not reach the intestine alive to change the gut environment and increase the good bacteria, it does not classify as a true probiotic. Therefore, it would not be able to modulate the gut flora.

Natural food sources are excellent for their nutritional value but do not classify as true probiotics/prebiotics because the criteria for a bacteria to classify as a probiotic or a food ingredient to classify as a prebiotic is scientifically determined or validated.

Probiotic and Prebiotic foods are available as commercial preparations that have been scientifically tested for their health benefits.

It is important that both probiotic & prebiotic products are scientifically validated for their health benefits. Please remember to read the label to know about the probiotic/prebiotic bacteria that is present in the product. In case of a probiotic, the number of bacteria (108 cfu/serving/day) is important and in the case of a prebiotic, the concentration of the prebiotic (upto 40 g/2000 calories) is important.

You would have to consult a doctor to know which is the best probiotic for SIBO, because probiotic benefits are strain specific and every probiotic imparts a different health benefit.

You are what you eat & what you digest!

Yes. It is real. Listen to it. It talks to you.

Any Probiotic food which is scientifically proven and mentions Gluten Free on its label can be consumed by a celiac patient.

You can have probiotics/prebiotics/synbiotics anytime during the day. However, please remember to consume them regularly for their health benefits.

There are different mechanisms by which probiotics are not killed by HCL in gastric juice. Some bacteria have a polysaccharide (or complex carbohydrate) capsule that protects the inner organism. Others have a complex electrolyte pump that pumps acid out of the cell, providing protection from destruction.

You can have any probiotic product which is scientifically tested to improve immunity. Please check the strain of probiotic bacteria that is validated for its immune modulating properties. You can know more about the health benefits by reviewing publications that are available on PUBMED.

Please select a scientifically tested prebiotic. You would be required to check the label for the name of the prebiotic, the concentration of the prebiotic in the product and the scientifically proven health benefits.

Postbiotics are the metabolites produced by probiotics bacteria like short chain fatty acids (acetate, butyrate and propionate) or organic acids like lactic acid which impart health benefits to the host.

There is not enough scientific data to recommend the use of probiotics in reducing hunger pangs/reversing diabetes.

Scientifically proven probiotic foods like Yakult can be consumed as a part of the regular diet.

You can consume any probiotic that has been scientifically proven for its health benefits.

Curd is an excellent source of nutrition because it contains proteins, calcium, vitamin and other essential nutrients. However, it does not contain a scientifically proven probiotic bacteria that has been tested for its ability to reach the intestine alive in large numbers and impart scientifically tested health benefits. Therefore, while it is excellent for its nutritional benefit, it does not classify as a true probiotic. In case, you would like to include a probiotic as a part of the diet, you could select one that is cost effective and scientifically validated.

As you know we work in Public sector and making a probiotic drink feasible for everyone is not possible as an immediate solution during the covid pandemic.