Gluten Myths

  • Myth: Rice contains gluten.

    Reality: Rice has glutinous part. This is starch and not gluten.
  • Myth: Ice cream contains gluten.

    Reality: Most ice creams do not contain gluten except if biscuit, cake, cone or wafers are added.
  • Myth: Only those with Celiac Disease can have gluten sensitivity.

    Reality: Wheat sensitivities can manifest as celiac disease, non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) or Dermatitis Herpetiformis ( Itchy blistery rash ) or wheat allergies. The symptoms and manifestations are similar. Treatment of strict lifelong avoidance to gluten is common to all.
  • Myth: Gluten-free diet is a diet for weight loss.

    Reality: Gluten free diets need not be weight loss diets. However many who are wheat sensitive respond well but this is only if a healthy gluten free diet is followed. Unhealthy gluten free diets can be high on starch and low in nutrients.
  • Myth: Gluten-free diets are healthier .

    Reality: Not true. They can be highly processed, loaded with chemical additives & high on starch & sugars. Gluten free diets need to be planned well.
  • Myth: Once symptoms improve one can restart gluten.

    Reality: Most people with Celiac disease, wheat sensitivity or Dermatitis need to be on a lifelong gluten free diet.
  • Myth: Celiac Disease is wheat allergy

    Reality: While both are wheat related disorders, celiac disease is an auto immune condition which has a genetic component while wheat allergy is an intense short lived relation to wheat, Wheat allergy does not cause harm to the small intestine and can be outgrown while celiac disease is a lifelong condition.