Gluten Myths

Myth Reality
Rice has a gluten. Rice has a glutinous part . This is starch and not gluten.
Ice cream contains gluten. Most ice creams do not contain gluten except if biscuit, cake, cone or wafers are added.
All those who have Celiac Disease can have wheat sensitivity however not all those who have wheat sensitivity are Celiac. Wheat sensitivities can manifest as celiac disease, non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) or Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Itchy blistery rash) or wheat allergy. The symptoms and manifestations are similar. Treatment of strict lifelong avoidance to gluten is common to all.
Gluten-free diet is a weight loss diet. Gluten free diets need not be weight loss diets. However many who are wheat sensitive may lose weight but this is only if a healthy gluten free diet is followed. Unhealthy gluten free diets can be high on starch, additives, low in nutrients and increase weight.
Gluten-free diets are healthier. Not true. They can be highly processed, loaded with chemical additives.
Once symptoms improve one can restart gluten. Most people with Celiac disease, wheat sensitivity or Dermatitis Herpetiformis need to be on a life long gluten free diet.
All non-vegetarian food is gluten free Several in kebabs or curries can have gluten. Shami kebabs, sheekh kebabs, Haleem, crumb fried fish are likely to have gluten. Please check with the chef. If in doubt leave it out.
All gluten-free flours are safe Many flours are not ground in separate flour mills & can be contaminated. Make sure you get the ones you use are ground in dedicated flour mills or done at home.
Gluten-free diet is a fad Gluten free diet is essential for those suffering from Wheat related disorder.
In wheat senstivity one can cheat on & off This is untrue weather you have Celiac disease or wheat senstivity, you have to maintain strict lifelong gluten free diet.
Celiac Disease is rare in India. Research has shown that Celiac Disease affects 1% of people in India.
Celiac Disease/Wheat Senstivity is easily diagnosed Since symptoms can be non specific or absent or appear in any age, it often remains undiagnosed
Celiac Disease is a childhood disease Celiac Disease is a hereditary condition and symptoms can appear at any stage
Celiac Disease/Wheat Senstivity can be out-doored Celiac Disease is a lifelong condition. Wheat Senstivity remains to be an individual response but usually it remains permanent. Rarely it can be transient
A person with Celiac Disease/Wheat Senstivity needs to avoid only Wheat/Gluten While wheat/gluten are the primary culprits, several grains need to be eliminated.
One can adopt the Gluten-Free diet one's own zone It is essential go to an expert before embarking on a Gluten-Free diet. Celiac Disease must be ruled out.
After getting diagnosed for Celiac Disease/Wheat Sensitivity one can consider cured?? and there is no need for medical or diet supervision Follow up with your doctor and nutritionist is essential on regular basis